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At Ingenium Research, we are passionate about empowering decision making and strategy with our pioneering analytics and economic insights.

We pride ourselves on being more than just analysts—we are your strategic partners, committed to transforming your challenges into opportunities with our expert insights.

Explore the specialised services we offer and see how we can support your success:

Unlock the full potential of data for your advantage

We are experts in navigating the complexities of diverse data sources, with the ability to identify data to provide solutions, comprehend the nuances of that data, recognise limitations, and provide accurate and insightful analyses.

Night time and 24-hour economy analysis expertise

As pioneers in the analysis of night time and 24-hour economies, we offer unmatched insights into this sector. Leverage our extensive expertise in economic analysis of the night time economy sector to support night time and 24-hour governance.

Economic insights for strategic planning

With our help, you can confidently analyse key economic indicators, workforce trends and skills data for informed decision-making. Our insights facilitate informed decision-making, keeping you ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing economy.

Geospatial insights and innovative data

We specialise in uncovering new opportunities through emerging innovative datasets, including colocation and trading hours insights from Google Maps. By integrating this information with consumer spending and footfall patterns, we provide a solid geographically mapped foundation for your local economic development strategies.

Strategic planning, evaluation and monitoring

We focus on creating engaging narratives and action plans aligned with your goals and audience. Our evaluations offer insights into your strategies’ effectiveness, using thorough data analysis and logic models to not only measure success but to understand it, equipping you with knowledge for informed decision making.

Dynamic data dashboards

We transform complex datasets from a variety of sources into intuitive, user-friendly dashboards. With expertise in both Tableau and PowerBI, we can develop dashboards that simplify data driven decision making.

Stakeholder engagement and research

We specialise in engaging communities through tailored surveys, focus groups, and interviews. These methods are designed to deepen understanding of secondary data, providing invaluable insights for strategic decision making.

Community safety analytics

We enhance community wellbeing by analysing crime patterns and emergency response data. Our insights enable you to take effective measures to improve safety and quality of life for residents, visitors and workers within your community.

How can we assist you?

Are you satisfied with the evidence that supports your decisions? Do you have a measurement challenge to discuss? If so, reach out to us for an informal chat and to find out more about how we can help you.